Second-Hand Machinery

Second-hand machine tools with full guarantees. All our products go through strict quality testing to ensure they operate correctly. We have a wide range of machines available, including machining centres, milling machines, and other second-hand tools. Select a category and find the industrial machinery that meets the needs of your business.

Second-Hand Machinery From Top Brands

Our extensive experience in the sale of second-hand machinery has made us a leading player in the sector. The reason for our success is that we work exclusively with second-hand machine tools from the best brands, carefully check the condition of all products, and prepare them to ensure high-quality performance. If a Corzosa-sold product doesn’t work properly, our post-sales technical service team will fix it. If you want more information, don’t hesitate to contact us via the form link below. We will be happy to send you our catalogue of used machine tools for sale.

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