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CORZOSA distributes ZAYER Milling Machine and Machine Centers in Nothern Spain Area: Asturias, Galicia, Santander and León
Zayer was born as a 200 m2 workshop in the middle 1940´s. At that times, first models of console milling machines were produced. In 1957 the company moved to Betoño (Álava-Spain), and set the company first installations. Nowadays a team of 220 persons constitute this first line firm and a total of 20.000 m2 hosts its central offices.

Zayer is specialized in milling machine tools and machining centers, with the best quality that only a long experience company such as Zayer can offer. Its entrepreneur and innovating spirit has achieved the trust of main distributors at national and international levels.

This is the current stok of New Machine Tools
Bed type milling machines
Moving column milling machines
High speed horizontal machining centers
High speed vertical machining centers
Fixed table milling machines
Bridge type milling machines