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We have a wide variety of second-hand drills from leading brands at unbeatable prices. Buying Corzosa second-hand industrial machinery is a great way to save on your production costs. We guarantee a long product service life through our post-sales technical service guarantee. Request a commitment-free quote now.

Get a Used Drilling Machine For a Great Price

At Corzosa, we have used drills for sale at unbeatable prices. We only stock drills from leading manufacturers, so be sure to check out our pillar drilling machines and used cordless drills. Our expert team of technicians carefully checks the quality of our used drills before making them available for purchase.

What is a Drill?

Industrial drills use a part known as a ‘drill bit’ to perform drilling operations. They can be used to perforate many different types of material, and the most widely used drills in the industrial sector are pillar drills and bench-top drill presses.

Types of Drill

There are many different types of industrial drills. Generally, drills can be categorized by their form of operation and intended use:

  • Manual
  • Electrical drills, with or without cables
  • Bench-top drill presses
  • Hammer drill
  • Turret drills
  • CNC (Computer Numerical Control) drills
  • Radial drills

Pillar Drilling Machines

We have great condition used drilling machines and used pillar drills for sale. A pillar drill is a type of free-standing drill in which the drill head is powered by a motor. Pillar drills can be used to cut a large volume of material precisely, and they are often used in batch productions.

Bench-Top Drill Presses

These are compact machines that have two head types: fixed and mobile. Bench-top drill presses are ideal for drilling small diameter holes, and they are extremely precise instruments.

What Are Second-Hand Drills Used For?

Drills are used to make holes in production parts. In addition, these machine tools do both shallow and deep drilling. They are typically used for machining processes such as reaming, trepanning, boring, broaching, or threading.

The Best Brands for Second-Hand Drills

At Corzosa you’ll find drills from the leading brands in the industrial sector. Even Soraluce models are at your disposal in our catalogue of second-hand drills. Increase your productivity and save on machinery expenses with the purchase of a second-hand drill. Request an estimate for a precise, safe, and reliable drill.