Esta es nuestra historia.

Luis Mochales, presidente de Corzosa
Trabajar por la excelencia

Más de 40 años de calidad y confianza

Corzosa is a family business founded in 1975 by Luis Mochales López, current president. This spirit, present since its inception, is evident in the fact that even today, its Board of Directors has the presence of his four daughters: Noelia, Cristina, Elena and Isabel.

The company has a presence in Asturias, Galicia and Cantabria, thanks to its own facilities. The headquarters of the company, in Gijón, has 5500 m².

Mirando hacia el futuro

Líderes en nuestro sector

We make the most of quality, to which we are committed by having the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate and belonging to the Asturian Quality Club.

Nuestro área de negocio se centra en todo el territorio nacional, y con una presencia especial en Portugal y Latinoamérica. Contamos con una red comercial con personal con mucha experiencia en este sector.

Nave de Corzosa

New machinery

[vc_column_textWe distribute new machinery, both in chip conveyor, deformation, surface treatment, and in elevation, with the most prestigious firms among them.[/vc_column_text]

Used machinery

Sale and purchase of second-hand machinery and equipment from exchanges when selling new machinery. Certified by our technical team and with all guarantees of quality.


El retroffiting Retrofitting allows us to adapt to new technologies, such as numerical controls, drives, tool loaders, robotics and automation.

Technical assistance

We have our own team of technicians specializing in mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics and electrical engineering. All this to offer our customers a quality after-sales service.

There are no frontiers

Corzosa in the world

Our business area is centered throughout the Spanish territory, with a special presence in the northern half of the peninsula. Every day our products go a little further thanks to our sales network, who are very specialized in the type of product we distribute, and with a team with a lot of experience in this sector.
Our goal is to boost our international import department, and we have customers in other countries, with a special presence in Latin America.


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